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Orkney Theatre, The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1QN

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The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney




 The sound system is driven by a  StudioLive  24.4.2  
 Performance and Recording Digital Mixer

 The 24 I/P channels are set up as follows:

 Channels 1-16 XLR loom to various Stage Boxes connected to female XLR terminations for microphones, etc.
Chan 17/18 to DVD player (in rack adj. to sound desk)
Chan 19/20 to CD player   (in rack adj. to sound desk)
Chan 23/24 line I/P 3.5mm stereo jack on sound desk. 

The Main and Auxiliary Outputs appear at various Stage Boxes this time connected to male XLR terminations.

Other equipment available:

4 QSC K series 1000w active FOH speakers (wall   mounted) and 2 QSC active Subs (movable).
4 QSC K series 1000w active monitors.
2 DBX passive DI boxes.
2 Shure SM58s. All other vox mics are Audio Technica.
5 mic stands and mic cables. 

If you choose to bring in your own sound equipment your sound engineer must provide suitable sex changers to interface with our looms etc. if required. If your system requires CAT 5 cable there is easy access to overhead gantries to run your cables from desk to stage. 

Please note any sound desk brought in must be located in RH wheelchair space in top row (reducing upstairs wheelchair capacity to one space).