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Orkney Theatre, The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1QN

 Orkney Theatre is a charity registered in Scotland.   Scottish Charity No Scoxxxxx   Company Number xxxxxxxxxx
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The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney




  1.   While Orkney Theatre has an arrangement with the Performing Rights Society (PRS) governing the use of music, the onus is on      organisations hiring the theatre to ensure they comply with all regulations governing licences to perform.
  2.   Ticket sales and publicity are the responsibility of the user.
  3. All props and scenery used in the theatre must be adequately fire proofed. Users’ props and scenery are liable to be tested for fire safety at any time prior to a performance.
  4. Users must provide their own Public Liability Insurance, and must provide a copy of the certificate a minimum of one week prior to any performance. Minimum cover must be £5,000,000.00
  5. Users are responsible for the cost of making good any damage to the premises and furnishings or equipment.
  6. Users are responsible for cleaning of the auditorium and changing rooms used during rehearsals, The users will be responsible for the cost of cleaning if these areas are not left in a clean and tidy state.
  7. The theatre manager and users will review the condition of the theatre after rehearsal and both parties will sign off the theatre as clean and tidy, if users do not complete this process they may be liable for additional cleaning costs.
  8. Scene dock must be cleared of all materials within 7 days of the final performance. The scene dock must be maintained in a safe condition at all times.
  9. Users wising to provide a public bar are responsible for all licensing applications and cost. Users should note that a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice is required by local authority to issue an occasional licenceType your paragraph here.


  1. No nails or screws may be driven into the stage or walls of the theatre.
  2. Firearms must not be brought into the theatre for any reason.
  3. Publicity materials may be exhibited within the theatre on notice boards provided. More ambitious schemes of temporary decoration or display will require the permission of the committee.
  4. The use of the lighting and sound equipment is limited to the theatre’s own stage crew or persons approved by the lighting manager.
  5. Where users intend to use their own electrical equipment all items must be checked for damage prior to use and must have a valid PAT test tag attached.
  6. Maximum seating capacity is 380 persons and 4 wheelchairs. 340 and 4 wheelchairs when orchestra pit is in use. These figures must not be exceeded. Free standing chairs must not be used within the auditorium.
  7. No naked flames to be used within the theatre premises, the use of stage pyrotechnics must be by prior agreement with the lighting manager.
  8. Users must take suitable precautions to warn cast, crew and audience to the use of strobe lighting.
  9. Where video recording of a performance is required the users must provide the committee with a written proposal outlining the position of all camera points and how the access to and from the auditorium can be maintained in both normal and emergency conditions.
  10. Users are required to provide front of house staff sufficient in numbers to manage the audience. Users are responsible for providing a method statement detailing the crowd control procedures to be followed in normal and emergency situations, this document must be provided at least 7 days prior to performance.
  11. Users who are conducting performances or rehearsals which involve the participation of children under 16 may be required to produce a copy of their child protection procedures to the committee.Users wishing to have any person present on theatre premises without the continuous presence of the Theatre manager will require to have present at all times at least one nominated person who has undergone an appropriate induction/safety training session under the auspices of the committee. For the avoidance of doubt the Theatre manager must be present at all times during performances and only the Theatre Manager will open and close the theatre premises for rehearsals and performances.

Theatre Bookings

  1. It is not possible to book the theatre more than 12 months in advance unless in exceptional circumstances and where prior permission of the committee has been obtained.
  2. The duration of block booking should not exceed two weeks, though this may be taken to include three consecutive weekends.
  3. A performance will be given preference over a rehearsal, but not during a block booking period leading up to a performance, unless the company in residence is willing to stand down.
  4. Users must give due notice of cancellation of a booking. Bookings cancelled less than two weeks prior to the proposed date of the performance may be charged for.
  5. Users must provide Box Office Returns within 7 days of a performance.
  6. Users must provide details of their own PRS licence or full details of all music used during performances to allow PRS returns to be made, Details must be provided along with Box Office Returns. Accounts not paid within one month of the invoice date may be subject to interest charges of 2.5% per month.Users wishing to use the radio-microphones provided by Orkney Theatre should apply to the Sound Manager at least 21 days before their first performance and should note that additional charges and deposit will apply.