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Orkney Theatre, The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1QN

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The Meadows, Kirkwall, Orkney




Q 1)          What are the wheelchair access arrangements in the theatre?

A 1)           The Theatre caters for two varying scenarios:

a) Orchestra pit closed.

Going through the ground level entrances, there are two spaces for wheelchairs next to seats “A8” & “A17”. These two seats have to be allocated to the wheelchair support person.

There are another two wheelchair spaces accessed via the lift and level one entrances next to seats “R1” & “R8”. Again these two seats have to be allocated to the wheelchair support person.

However if the performing production company / group are using their own sound equipment then their sound desk will have to occupy the space next to seat “R1” reducing the dedicated wheelchair spaces.

Further wheelchair spaces can be provided if requested by the promoter.

This is achieved by removing seats in blocks of two from row “A”, the wheelchair support person being allocated an adjacent seat or in a row “B” seat immediately behind wheelchair.

Removing and rearranging seats is done by theatre staff but only at a request from the promoter as this reduces the overall number of available seats.

 2) Orchestra pit open.

In this scenario the seats from rows “A” & “B” are completely removed. If wheelchair spaces are needed then seats “C” 3/4, 25/26 can also be removed. This creates two spaces for two wheelchairs (four wheelchairs in total) at either side of the auditorium. The wheelchair support people occupy seats in row “D” immediately behind the wheelchair user.

The two spaces as mentioned above in row “R”1 & 8 are also available but with the same sound desk stipulations.

Please note all requests for wheelchair or visually impaired seats must be made to the Promoter or ticket sellers as this will affect their overall ticket numbers.

They will inform the theatre so the correct seating arrangements can be made. 

 We understand that some wheelchair users are more comfortable transferring from their wheelchair to a theatre seat to watch the performance. Please make sure to explain your particular Access requirements when you book your tickets and specify if you are able to transfer or need a wheelchair space. We have limited storage space and would advise booking tickets early, as well as arriving in good time before a show. If you wish to discuss options to suit your particular needs please call the theatre management on 07562355111.





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